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Gurney F. Pearsall III

Out of 100,000 attorneys in Texas,

here are a few ways that Mr. Pearsall 

stands out from the crowd

Cell Phone

Most attorneys never give their clients their cell phone number.

But if something is important to Mr. Pearsall's clients, then it is important to him, and he wants to hear about it. Mr. Pearsall welcomes texts and calls on his cell phone, because he can achieve the best results when he stays informed about what his clients want, and when his clients stay informed about the case's updates.

24-Hour Promise

One of the biggest complaints that people have about their attorney is that they call or email, then don't hear back for days and days. Sometimes, they don't even get case updates for months at a time.

Mr. Pearsall gives his clients monthly updates, and makes every effort to return all calls and emails within 24 hours. Mr. Pearsall believes that this is the very least that an attorney can offer.

18+ Years of Practice

Many law firms are only a few years old.

Mr. Pearsall practices law at a firm whose doors have been open for over 18 years. That gives him the benefit of over 18 years of practical knowledge about the law and the practice of law.

After 18 years, a law firm comes across every kind of case and complication you can imagine. You deserve a lawyer with that experience. 


Not returning calls, overcharging, doing sloppy work, being unprepared - in almost every case, an attorney makes these mistakes simply because the attorney has too many cases and takes every case that walks in through the door.

Mr. Pearsall achieves great results for his clients because he keeps his caseload limited. Being selective lets Mr. Pearsall treat every client like they are his biggest client. 


Mr. Pearsall's military experience has instilled in him the crucial importance of having "force multipliers."  

Where other lawyers need an expensive, slow legal team, Mr. Pearsall's high-tech office lets him achieve the same great results as the bigger firms, but more quickly and efficiently. Mr. Pearsall is truly an army of one, and that makes the big firms nervous. 

Appellate Experience

Mr. Pearsall's appellate results speak for themselves: Mr. Pearsall's appeals have won 20 cases at the Fourth Court of Appeals of Texas, and 9 appeals at the Texas Supreme Court.

Great lawyering is not about screaming and yelling; it is about making great legalMr.  arguments. Mr. Pearsall knows exactly how to make a powerful legal argument and win it.

Military Experience

Half of 1% of Americans serve  in the Armed Forces, and Mr. Pearsall is proud to be a member of that group. Mr. Pearsall is a military officer in the US Army Reserves, and has served at Fort Hood and Fort Benning.

Mr. Pearsall draws on his military training every day, to seize the initiative, outsmart his opposition, and  win his battles in and out of the courthouse. 

Trial Experience

Many attorneys have not seen the inside of a courtroom in years.

Mr. Pearsall's background with court-appointed work in CPS cases has brought him into court almost every week for the past 2 years. 

This experience has turned him into a very experienced trial lawyer, with a keen eye for finding success in the courtroom.


Mr. Pearsall's low overhead costs and high-tech system of practice helps him fight for his clients at a reduced rate.

In addition, Mr. Pearsall often accepts payment plans that cut up his legal fees into affordable weekly or monthly portions. 


Many attorneys interview with a prospective client, then hand the case over to an associate once they are hired. That may be the last time they are involved in the case. 

Mr. Pearsall personally handles his cases from beginning to end.


Mr. Pearsall's ideas have been published in law reviews, law journals, and legal magazines across the US, and have won several national awards and prizes, including an award that Mr. Pearsall received at the U.S. Supreme Court in a ceremony hosted by Justice Ruth B. Ginsburg.  

Widely Published

Mr. Pearsall graduated with honors from the highly-selective University of Colorado School of Law - one of the best law schools in the country, and the best law school in the Rocky Mountain Region. It is hard to be a great lawyer without a great legal education.

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