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Case Studies in the Law of War:
Israel and Hamas

November 24, 2023 

1200 - 1430 CST


1 / What is the Law of War?

We'll discuss what the law of war is and where it comes from, with a focus on its foundational text, the Geneva Conventions.

2 / Is the Israel-Hamas Conflict a "War"? 

We'll discuss international armed conflict, non-international armed conflict, and whether the conflict between Israel and Hamas is a "war" in which international law applies, or merely gang violence in which only domestic law applies. 

3 / Palestine & the Law of Statehood

We'll discuss the meaning of statehood under international law, and compare/contrast Palestine to similar cases of de jure or de facto states, such as Taiwan, Tibet, Kosovo, and Kurdistan.

4 / Gaza, the West Bank, & the Law of Occupation

We'll discuss the law of occupation, and the positions that the international community takes on how it applies to the West Bank, Gaza, and if time permits, the Golan Heights.

5 / Gaza and the Law of Siege Warfare

We'll discuss the meaning of siege warfare, the prohibition on subjecting civilians to it, and the international community's positions on if and how it applies to Gaza.

6 / Israel, Hamas, and the Right to Self-Defense

We'll discuss the right to use armed force in self-defense, the limitations on that right, and what these rights and limitations mean to Israel and Hamas.

7 / The Law of Distinction 

We'll discuss the requirement to distinguish between combatants and non-combatants, the ways that insurgents have learned to blur that key distinction, and whether the laws of war help or hurt counter-insurgency operations. 

8 / What is Disproportionate Use of Force?

We'll discuss the principle of proportionality and what it means to use force disproportionately, then apply that principle to some of the most headline-grabbing incidents in the 2023 Israel-Hamas conflict so far. Included in this is an analysis of ethnic cleansing and genocide as war crimes.

9 / What Constitutes Collective Punishment?

Claims of collective punishment often come hand-in-hand with the armed conflicts between Israel and Hamas. We'll discuss what the Geneva Conventions says about "collective penalties," and how that law is distinguishable from sanctions, diplomatic isolation, armed force, and other coercive actions that all, by their nature, collectively harm a population.

10 / What Constitutes Genocide?

Listed as a grave offense in the Geneva Conventions, the crime of genocide is perhaps the most severe, most notorious of all war crimes. It goes undefined in the Geneva Conventions, but other statutes and case law help shine a light on what the law of genocide is and how it applies, both in times of peace and in times of war. 


"I love the idea, but I can't come. Is it recorded?"

Yes! For a copy of the recording, please RSVP, then, for a recorded copy, reach out to 

Is attendance verified? 

To satisfy states requiring attendance verification, we send a unique Zoom link and password to your email address, and verification words are sprinkled throughout the CLE.

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