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Our Successes

Below, we will introduce you to some of our recent success stories. 

Please note that our past successes are no guarantee of future results.

Legal Update

The case law update in the 2018 Ad Litem Seminar in Bexar County, Texas included on a case that we won in 2019. 

We helped changed the ways that Texas judges can take away the right to jury trials as a sanction.

International Law

In October of 2018, we won a hard-fought case in federal court to stop a child from being sent back to her orphanage abroad, where she was being severely abused. Her abusers argued that she had to be returned under international law and the Hague Convention. We helped convince the court otherwise.

Our Appellate Record

Our appeals have won dozens cases on appeal, at the Fourth Court of Appeals of Texas and Supreme Court of Texas.

Sometimes, a trial is not enough. Whether we're fighting for you at trial or on appeal, we know how to craft a winning argument. 

Your Constitutional Rights

Texas Family Code Section 262.201(o) purports to let the State of Texas restrict your fundamental parenting rights without notifying you. But the right to notice and an opportunity to be heard are basic due process rights.

We have filed appeals at the Fourth Court of Appeals of Bexar County, Texas, the Texas Supreme Court, and the U.S. Supreme Court to invalidate this law as an unconstitutional deprivation of your due process rights, and we will continue fighting

Our Estate Planning Track Record

We have never seen any of our estate plans struck down by a court, or even challenged in court. We keep track of this not to guarantee success with your estate plan, but to keep ourselves on our toes as we draft each estate plan as if it were our own.

You would be surprised by how many attorneys are drafting badly-written estate plans that get struck down by the courts. Our goal is to avoid adding to the tragedy of your death or disability with a badly written estate plan that fails in court. 

The Lonely Goat

In 2017, a homeless man came to us for help with some traffic tickets, explaining a set of circumstances that struck us as especially unfair. 

We took on his case pro bono (for free), and got his tickets dismissed. Later, he came back with an incredible painting. It turned out he was a painter, and he painted a scene of us as a lonely goat in the mountains, fighting uphill for our clients. 

Our Adoption Record

We perform a number of adoptions, any given year.  

But in 2017, we helped perform an exceptionally huge adoption. We helped 5 children find their new forever family, after suffering years of abuse and neglect.

We can't wait to see them all flourish with their new family.

$10,000 Saved

A client came to us in 2017 with about $13,000 in traffic tickets. He had tickets in the municipal court and every precinct court, and warrants out for his arrest. 

Almost no attorneys were willing to take the case at an affordable rate, but he was afraid of coming into court and getting arrested. We had his warrants waived the day after he hired us, and reduced his fees by $10,000 by the end of the week!

"How Can Your Client Afford This?"

In 2016, a Californian purchased a car in Texas, had it inspected, then drove it to California, where it broke down. She sued the website that referred her to an inspector. After several months, the site sued the inspector, who then hired us. 

We came into the case with just 4 months until trial, for a $75,000 case. Our client was ready to settle, but we wanted to investigate. We tracked down witnesses and gathered so much evidence that the website owners hired us and fired their attorney, who had spent the past few months doing nothing. 

We convinced the court to dismiss the case. The plaintiff's attorney threatened to appeal, and asked us how our client could afford to have us do so much work, so quickly. We replied that we enjoy fighting a good fight, and we were not charging extra for the overtime work. 

After hearing that, he wisely decided against an appeal.

There IS Such A Thing As Bad Publicity

A young man, and first-time apartment renter, received deployment orders from the U.S. Army to Iraq. The client ended his lease early, but make a mistake - a mistake that let the landlord charge $5,000 in accelerated rent. 

The law was on the landlord’s side, and he knew it. So, as the experienced attorneys pointed out to our client, the case was a dead end. We agreed to help. We contacted the landlord and explained the “optics” of the situation. In his rush to make money, he was about to throw a soldier, who was fresh out of high school and on his way to a combat zone, into debt. 

The landlord personally did not care, but we reminded him that the local news stations might care, and tens of thousands of other service members and potential tenants also might care. Contrary to popular belief, not all publicity is good publicity. Put in that perspective, he grudgingly dropped the $5,000 fee by the end of the day.

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