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War Crimes in the Star Wars Universe

July 27-29, 2022 

12pm - 1pm EST

Over the course of several hour-long lunch 'n learns, 

this CLE seminar brings in a war crimes prosecutor to discuss

the many, many war crime depicted in the Star Wars films.

For the last week of July, we will be covering the 

war crimes depicted in the first Star Wars film, A New Hope.

Feel free to attend whichever day is most convenient for you! 

The Prequel Trilogy

The prequels depict a galaxy 

dominated by an aging, corrupt

Republic that is collapsing into a

dictatorship as it fights a civil war. 

In the process, the prequels offer a useful depiction of the law of war 

in the context of traditional war.

The Original Trilogy

The original trilogy depicts a galaxy 

dominated by the dictatorship that the Republic became, and the Rebellion of insurgents that fight against it.

In the process, this trilogy offers a

useful depiction of the law of war

in the context of guerrilla war.

The Sequel Trilogy

The sequel trilogy depicts a First Order, 

attempting to re-establish the dictatorship while a small group of resistance fighters fight against them.

In the process, this trilogy offers a 

useful depiction of the law of war

in the context of non-state war.


Original Trilogy Topics

Do War Crimes Exist in Star Wars?

What Are War Crimes?

The Opening Scene of Episode IV and the Law of Distinction 

Vader's Detention and Interrogation (Torture?) of Leia: Lawful or Unlawful?

What Kind of War is Star Wars? IAC and NIAC Conflicts Explained

Boarding Leia's Ship, and the Law of Resisting Detention and Military Necessity

Princess Leia and Civilian Combatancy: Is She A Legitimate or Illegitimate Combatant? 

Hans Solo, Greedo, and the Laws of Self Defense and Anticipatory Self Defense

Is the Death Star Illegal? Was It Used Illegally to Blow Up Alderaan? 

Was it a War Crime for Luke and Hans to Dress Up As Stormtroopers?

1 CLE Credit Is Available In The Following States, Directly or By Reciprocity:


Arizona (Does Not Pre-Approve CLEs)









North Dakota

New Hampshire (Does Not Pre-Approve CLEs)

New Jersey

New York





West Virginia



"I love the idea, but I'm busy. Can I view the CLE on my own?"

Yes, this "lunch 'n learn" has a pre-recorded version for the same CLE credit available in the states above.

There is also an on demand Star Wars CLE seminar available for 15-18 CLE credits in the states above.

If you are interested in either pre-recorded CLE, please scroll to the bottom of this page for more information.

"My state requires attendance verification. How do you verify attendance?"

To verify attendance, we use a Verification Word distributed in the middle of our CLE classes.

"Do you have a financial hardship policy?"

Yes, please reach out to discuss your financial hardship at

"When will I get the Zoom link/password and attendance form?"

You will receive the Zoom link/password within 24 hours of our CLE event 

at the email address that you provide with your registration.

After viewing the CLE(s), please email for the attendance form, if you need one.

Please include the course's verification words, if your state requires that as proof of attendance.

"Is there an alternative payment option to Paypal?"

If you prefer not to use our secure Paypal-based payment link, 

please feel free to pay through our secure LawPay link by clicking here.


Pre-Recorded Version

If our live 1-hour lunch CLE managed to pick the worst dates for you, but you'd still love to view a pre-recorded version of the CLE, click the "Add to cart" button below.

Star Wars CLE Seminar

In June 2022, our Star Wars CLE seminar brought in attorneys, law professors, and other speakers from around the U.S., U.K., and Canada to teach classes that explored the intersections of classic CLE topics with Star Wars.

To purchase this seminar, scroll down and click the "add to cart" button at the bottom of this page.

Star Wars CLE Seminar

This seminar is eligible for up to 18 CLE credits directly or by reciprocity, including up to 3.5 ethics credits, in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Hawaii, Maine, Montana, N.D., N.H., N.J., N.Y., Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin. 

Recordings of these presentations can be viewed anytime, you will receive a link to them within 24 hours of purchase.

The Topics of the Star Wars CLE Seminar

The Law of Force Awakens: A Law of War Analysis of Stars Wars From a NATO Perspective

The Clone Wars, Disobedience, and Environmentalism 

The Phantom Mediator: Star Wars and Conflict Resolution

At the Elbow and Under Pressure: What Lawyers Can Do to Preserve the Rule of Law

The Return of the Rule of Law: What the Prequels Teach Us About Rule of Law

How Many Rules of Ethics Did the Jedi and Sith Violate?

A Long Time Ago in a Courtroom Far Away: Star Wars Analogies in Legal Reasoning

Revenge of the Semicolon: Oral Advocacy Takeaways From the Star Wars Films

Using Project Management to Build Your Own Clone Army

Does It Even Matter if Han Shot First? Civil Issues in Star Wars

Refugee Law and Human Rights in the Context of the Star Wars Franchise

A New Hope for Textualism: Text and Paratext in the Star Wars Films and U.S. Constitution 

War Crimes in the Star Wars Universe 

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